Wedding Gallery

There are a lot of images on this page for you to view.  It would be easy to post a few “wow” images to get your attention and, yes, these are some of the best of the thousands of wedding images we had to chose from.  However, we would like you to see images from relatively recent weddings that show both diversity in style and consistency in quality.  You will see both formal (posed) shots and photo-journalistic (candid) shots.  There are images that depict people having fun and others showing great emotion.  We also hope you see the technical skills used to capture beautiful images.  Things like lighting, posing, and the ability to know when and where to click the shutter button are important.  We also hope you appreciate the less visible aspect of these images.  As you look at these images imagine, if you will, that there is a special story behind each one and see how comfortable the subjects are with being photographed.  Also, as you look at them, note which ones you like the most.  This can help us know you and your desires better.


                                                            Wedding Gallery Adrienne & Donovan_04 Adrienne & Donovan_05 Adrienne & Donovan_06 Adrienne & Donovan_10 Adrienne & Donovan_11 Andrea & Dave_02 Andrea & Dave_03 Andrea & Dave_07 Andrea & Dave_10 Andrea & Dave_11 Andrea & Dave_12 Ann & Shane_03 Ann & Shane_04 Brandy & Pat_01 Brandy & Pat_06 Brandy & Pat_08 Chrissy & Jamie_05 Chrissy & Jamie_06 Danina & Jon_02 Danina & Jon_04 Danina & Jon_05 Danina & Jon_08 Debi & Steven_01 Debi & Steven_02 Debi & Steven_04 Karen & Chris_02 Karen & Chris_03 Karen & Chris_10 Karen & Chris_16 Karen & Chris_18 Karen & Chris_23 Karen & Chris_27 Karen & Chris_30 Karen & Chris_37 Karen & Chris_39 Karen & Chris_46 Karen & Chris_49 Karen & Chris_51 Katie & Will_04 Katie & Will_05 Kelly & Greg_03 Kelly & Greg_05 Kelly & Greg_07 Kelly & Greg_08 Kelly & Greg_09 Kelly & Greg_10 LaSondra & William_06 LaSondra & William_09 LaSondra & William_10 Natalie & Brandon_15 Natalie & Brandon_16 Natalie & Brandon_17 Natalie & Brandon_23 Natalie & Brandon_24 Natalie & Brandon_26 Natalie & Brandon_28 Natalie & Brandon_30 Pam & Chris_01 Pam & Chris_02 Pam & Chris_06 Pam & Chris_08 Shannon & Andrew_04 Shannon & Andrew_05 Shannon & Andrew_09 Shannon & Andrew_10 Shannon & Andrew_14 Shannon & Andrew_15 Shannon & Andrew_19 Shannon & Andrew_20 Shannon & Andrew_23 Shannon & Andrew_24 Sheila & Adam_01 Sheila & Adam_02 Sheila & Adam_04 Sheila & Adam_05 Sheila & Adam_07 Sherry & Doug_11 Sherry & Doug_15 Sherry & Doug_20 Sherry & Doug_22 Tina & Alex_01 Tina & Alex_05 Tina & Alex_07 Tina & Alex_12 Tina & Alex_16 Tina & Alex_18