You didn’t settle for second best when you chose your spouse!  Why settle for less when preserving the memories of your wedding day!!

Wedding photography is our specialty.  We both started as professional wedding photographers in the early 70’s and we still love being part of every couples special day.   Many aspects of the business, including traditions, equipment, styles and product have changed over the past decades.  Wedding photography is very labor intensive.  There are no shortcuts to providing a quality service and product.  In fact, modern technology has allowed photographers to become more artistic and flexible in providing a quality product for their clients.  At least, those who want it!  We have strived to stay on the cutting edge of this technology while incorporating all the skills that we have acquired over the years.  If you want to be able to re-live your special day years in the future when memories start to fade…if you want to share your special day with the people most important to you now and in the future…and you want a photographer that has years of experience and skills to help make the memories of your special day last forever…please consider contacting us to set up an initial consultation.  Thank you!

Check out the diversity of our wedding photography styles here.

Our wedding business basic principles:

  • Consultation, Consultation, Consultation.  We want to be an important partner in making your wedding day special.  If you can’t call us “friend” before your wedding day then we haven’t done our job.
  • Back-up and more Back-up.  Two pro photographers at every wedding with back-up equipment.  Terri and Don are the photographers you will get unless there is something drastic keeping one from working in which case we have other photographers that we trust that will fill in.
  • Customization.  We will work with you to customize a photography package to fit your needs.  Our goal is to provide nothing less than a quality product that satisfies your desires and fits your budget.
  • Final product is final.  We don’t believe that the final product should require the newlyweds to do more work to be able to re-live and share their special memories.  A digital file is nothing more than a digital slide or negative.  After all, mom or grandma never handed you a box of slides or negatives when you asked to see their wedding pictures.

Why you should want a wedding album!!

Wedding photography is all about capturing all the special moments and memories of your wedding day.  It is also about transforming those memories into images that are artistic and archival.  Images that tell the story of your special day and trigger all the fond memories that you and others have.  Wedding albums are the most artistic, archival and tangible way to preserve your wedding memories.  They allow a skilled photographer to create images and groups of images that are artistic and tell a story.  Digital files alone are a poor substitute for a wedding album.  This is why we require the purchase of a wedding album with every wedding package.  Of course, an album adds to the cost of your wedding package but there is a wide selection of quality products to choose from.  They range from small 8″x8″ soft cover books to large 12″x18″ hard cover books on up to traditional matted page leather bound albums.  We will work with you to customize a package that fits your needs and budget.

Check out what custom album design looks like here.

Engagement Photos:

Engagement photos are so many things!!  The photo session can be so much fun.  It could be an actual surprise proposal or a favorite location shoot.  It is a pre-wedding opportunity for the couple to express their love and use the images to show that love to all their friends and relatives.  And very importantly it is a photography rehearsal for both the couple and the photographers.  The image(s) can be used for “Save the Date” cards or in wedding announcement design or in a signature mat or guest book on the day of the wedding.  Images can be put into a slide show to be shown during the reception dinner.  This is why we offer great financial incentives to having an engagement shoot.

Engagement photo gallery coming soon.